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The business landscape is constantly evolving. Companies are required and pressured to quickly respond to changing regulatory mandates, both internal and external. NuvoLogic stays at the forefront of accounting and finance policy and is your partner in these financial transitions. Whether it is reducing financial reporting timelines or modeling cash flows to estimate balance sheet liabilities, our consultants are poised to deliver. They will guide your organization into seamless alignment with corporate and government reporting and infrastructure standards.

Forecasting program performance based on changing economic conditions is critical in mitigating the financial risk of a company. Capital requirements and liquidity are at the forefront of the regulators’ minds. Whether it’s ensuring adequate capital reserves are on hand in the event of future economic uncertainty or analyzing the financial state of the organization, NuvoLogic consultants are ready to assist. We have successfully developed loss reserve cash flow models pursuant to the Credit Reform Act of 1990 for a loan guarantor, validated financial models for a financial regulator, performed sensitivity and stress testing, trend analysis, benchmarking, back-testing, and quantitative analysis. NuvoLogic has also conducted impact analyses as a result of policy changes to help management make informed program decisions.
NuvoLogic provides high-impact audit readiness and audit remediation support – allowing our clients to be proactive in their approach to risk management. Our work has been analyzed and approved by regulators, such as OMB and GAO, as well as internal and external auditors. As such, we understand the expectations and standards your business needs to meet in order to successfully prepare for potential future inquiries.
Companies, specifically Controllers and CFO functions are required to respond to continuously changing finance and accounting regulations or maintain compliance with various policies and procedures, both internal and external. NuvoLogic fully analyzes business pain points and develops strategies for optimization that are in full compliance with regulatory mandates. At NuvoLogic, we ensure our consultants are also equipped with their CPA and CGFM certificates – providing professional accounting support in additional to strategic planning. Our team will work with your accounting team to provide technical guidance and assistance to streamline processes, reduce potential compliance risk, and minimize potential for error. For those who need to expand, augment, or improve their accounting capabilities, NuvoLogic is here to offer high-level support that protects your business and informs your decisions.